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Association Missing Babies of Belgrade

How many mothers in Serbian maternity hospitals have heard the sentence:

“Mother, your baby died, you are young, you will have more children, and the hospital will bury your baby."

The doctors lied to us, the baby didn't die, many mothers didn't have a chance for more, and no hospital buried a single child. Since nowadays, not a single doctor in Serbia has been held accountable for the lie he told. We will soon initiate court proceedings, before the state authorities of other countries for the actions committed by doctors in Serbian maternity hospitals. The state of Serbia is not solving cases of missing babies, but there is someone in this world who wants to. For the state authorities of Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany the Act is not statute-barred.... Human trafficking cannot be statute-barred… The mother's right to find out where the child is cannot be statute-barred.... It cannot be statute-barred the child's right to seek who his biological parents are... .

Who are we?

Why we teamed up?

Parents in Serbia have been submitting reports for the theft of newborn children since the 1950s, and it is estimated that more than 20,000 cases have been reported to date. The number of those who did not do so, due to various reasons, and most often because of distrust in state authorities, could be the same. Cases of missing newborns in Serbian hospitals have been reported for decades. Thousands of parents have testified that doctors told them how their baby suddenly died, immediately or a day or two after birth. Most of the time, the parents were not even allowed to see the body, and only a few were given it, but even in those cases, the parents seriously doubt that it is their newborn.

What do we want to change?

Stories circulated in the corridors of Serbian maternity hospitals that children were sold shortly after the birth. Parents looked at the records of their lost children in confusion and marveled at the illogicalities - the head circumference did not match, a baby that was born healthy, would die after only a few days with a fatal diagnosis. After the death, the documentation about the dead babies would disappear due to sudden flooding of the facility... According to the parents, the canal went from Serbia to Paris, from where the children were sold further on in Europe, most often to Switzerland. One child, it is said, "cost" from 12,000 to 40,000 euros, and it all depends on the parents who adopt the kid, whether they are educated, how old they are, etc... For almost seven decades, generations of parents have passed through maternity hospitals, losing their children, under strange and illogical circumstances. If the accusations of at least a tenth of the desperate parents are true, how is it possible, without connection with the kidnappers, that the police never solved a single case?!

About the president of the Association


Mrs. Jankovic is the President of the Association of "Missing Babies of Belgrade". The Association, was founded in 2018. Mrs. Jankovic has been practicing law in Serbia for many years. Through her work, she actively contributes to parents searching for their missing and abducted children, as well as to children searching for their biological parents.

She is the mother who is also looking for her kidnapped child.

Mrs. Jankovic CV (PDF) in English can be seen here